On September 3, 1974 in Tutrakan is found only along the Danube Ethnographic Museum "Danube fishing and boat building."

The exhibition is arranged in 7 halls. In chronological order they are presented original gear from antiquity and used in modern equipment and facilities. Below are original artifacts - bone rods and copper harpoon, clay weights for fishing nets, iron sapkani, jigging, different types of networks, made from plant fibers Tutrakan fishermen - Orie, Diffa, yang, laspernik, chigarnits and others.

Among the curious visitors of the museum is undoubtedly the most interest wake interior of the house of the fisherman, which provides an opportunity for direct contact with family life, characteristic of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The furniture of the living room is modest and consists of a bed, round table and several three-legged stools. Required present icon of St. Nicholas - patron saint of fishermen.